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Leticia Lucas 
Christophe Duclos
Olivier Pujal
Julien Laurent
Laurent Floquet
Secretary &
Chief coaching success
Rugby School Manager
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Leticia Lucas

Leticia has been involved in Rugby activities since her oldest son started playing rugby, 10 years ago. After taking care of the U6 and U8 team management in a German club during 4 years, and once moving to Luxembourg, she decided to get more involved with kids’ coaching. She successfully coached U6 and U8 kids and participated in the club’s management always trying to bring new ideas that contributed to efficiency gains and sustained the club development.
In 2018, she passed the Luxembourgish state exams to become a certified coach (Brevet d'Etat - FLR3) and became the first woman coach certified by the Ministry of Sports in Luxembourg. Her moto is that kids should have fun while doing sports and adults should let them play, that´s why in 2019 she decided to create the Eagles, the Rugby project for kids in Luxembourg, and eventually became the President of this new club.

Christophe Duclos

Since the end of the 80s when he took his first licenses, Christophe has always been involved in Rugby. In the 90s he mainly played for the Rugby Club Percheron de Nogent-le-Rotrou and for the University of Paris IX Dauphine. During his stays in different countries, Christophe played for the Hayward Griffins Rugby Club, Frankfurt SC 1880, RK Heusenstamm and Rugby Löwen TGS Hausen.
Christophe stopped playing Rugby in 2006 but then got involved in various clubs as a children coach and is a Luxembourg State certified coach (Brevet d'Etat - FLR3) as well as a French Rugby Federation certified coach (Brevet Fédéral).
In 2019, Christophe and other Rugby enthusiasts decided to create the Eagles in Luxembourg, a Rugby project for children. In the team of founders of the Eagles, Christophe met again Julien Laurent with whom he had played a few seasons at Rugby Löwen TGS Hausen in the early 2000s. The Eagles were created as a Rugby project for kids and Christophe has largely written the pedagogical approach of this project based on his various thoughts as a player and coach as well as on his numerous readings on coaching methods. In a nutshell, this pedagogical approach allows the child to have fun and to discover her/his own way of playing rugby by stimulating her/his creativity and her/his thinking, which allows the child to have a superior decision-making capacity and to reach her/his full potential.
Julien and Christophe playing rugby at TGS Hausen
Christophe has always been fascinated by the numerous game situations that a rugby player faces and enjoys sharing this unique experience with kids.