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Children with Eagly, a key member of the Rugby Eagles Luxembourg

The Rugby Eagles Luxembourg have designed a child-centered Rugby project based on a unique approach and it's all about fun when playing Rugby.
This approach mixes non-contact forms of Rugby for youngster players with traditional forms of Rugby for the more experienced players and uses a specific coaching method that helps children develop into autonomous, creative and decision-making players.
We do not have a “win at all costs” mentality because developing players and young people is not all about winning but more being part of a team, developing friendships and learning together. The competitive factor of the game is lowered down to its minimum so that every child can improve at her/his own pace without excessive pressure, which can undermine children's development.
The Rugby Eagles Luxembourg are based in the commune of Kopstal-Bridel, which is ideally located as it offers a fantastic natural environment, is very close to Luxembourg, Mamer, Mersch, etc. and is easily reachable by public transport.
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Play Rugby differently.


How does it work to join us?

So if you like the above and want to see your child develop both physically and socially in a fun safe and player focussed environment, then bring them down to the Eagles and join in.
It's very simple, you contact us and your kid can come along for a trial before committing.


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