Appropriate forms of Rugby

Eagles teach the following forms of Rugby that can address the specific needs of the different age categories. 

Rippa Rugby
Rippa Rugby is mainly a game for primary schools. It comes from New-Zealand and it is a very safe, non-contact, easy to play game for both boys and girls alike. Best of all its fun and exciting for all involved. 
Eagles are proud to recommend Rippa Rugby as its non-contact nature makes it ideal for youngsters coming into the game. Tag belts or tag shorts replace tackling and we are sure it will give everyone a fun, safe and enjoyable sporting experience.
While the rules are simple and the game easy to learn, Rippa Rugby will promote excellent ball handling, running and evading skills.
The basic rules include: 
- No contact
- kicking of any kind
- When a tag is made, the tagger stops running, holds the tag above their head and shouts “TAG!”
- When the ball-carrier is tagged, the ball must be passed to a team mate within three seconds
- After 4 rips in a row the ball is handed over to the other team 
- Competitive matches should not be more than seven-a-side.